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Successful wealth accumulation is a fundamental aspect of attaining your long-term financial objectives. Through employing appropriate strategies and providing expert guidance, we prioritize not only the potential for growth (upside) but also the safeguarding of your investments from downturns. Candace & Pat often encounter clients who acknowledge the volatility of equity/stock markets, yet she would argue that if one were to drop $100 on the ground, they would not simply walk away and abandon it. Losing money is not acceptable to anyone. Hence, our analytical approach to wealth accumulation and the investments we select for our clients is of utmost importance to us.


We possess the necessary licenses to leverage a wide range of investment and insurance products to assist you in achieving long-term wealth accumulation. Individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, GICs, and bonds are among the commonly utilized options available to our clients.


*Insurance products provided through Hollis Insurance  are independently and separately from Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. Only services offered through HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. 


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